Friday 1 December 2017

My Experience Flying Club Class with Air Transat

I love to travel. I still remember when I first started to jet set, the concept of air travel fascinated me. I just couldn't believe that you could step onto an airplane and in a matter of hours and land in someplace totally different.

Now that I'm a seasoned traveler, I know firsthand all the quirks that can come along with air travel. That all changed when I was able to experience Air Transat Club Class firsthand on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic. You guys, this is the way to travel. I'll explain all of the details, and why Air Transat Club Class really elevated our travel experience.

We arrived at the airport bright and early to catch our flight to Punta Cana. The perks of Air Transat Club Class started right away, since we were able to check into our flight and drop off our luggage at an exclusive counter - no waiting!

By the time we had gotten a coffee and checked out the duty-free, it was time to start boarding our flight. Now, this perk of Club Class is my absolute favourite, since it eliminates all of the anxiety I have with flying: priority boarding. Yes, with Air Transat Club Class you're able to board the aircraft first and, since Club Class allows you to select your seat beforehand at no extra charge, I knew exactly where I was going. It was time to sit back, relax and enjoy the flying experience.

I want to touch on the seats in Club Class, because they're really something else. Lots of room to stretch out, and the leather seats are so wide! Coupled with the personal in-flight entertainment system, and I was living the good life from the minute I sat down. I'm only 5'2'' and I really enjoyed all of this space; I can only imagine how amazing it would be for someone taller too!

The in-flight service for Air Transat Club Class is phenomenal. There is one dedicated flight attendant, and I could definitely tell a difference in the personalized service. Between the complimentary beverages that were served with the most delicious cheese crisps, to just having a friendly face check in with you during the flight, the service truly is a cut-above.

Now, the food. Oh you guys - the food. When I called in to select my seat before the flight, I was able to pre-select my in-flight meals for both to and from my destination. I'm actually a huge fan of airplane food, so I didn't think much of it, but when I first tasted my meals while flying Club Class with Air Transat, I was blown away. The menu is developed by Chef Daniel Vézina, and everything is so delicious you'll seriously forget that you're dining on an airplane. I chose a cheese omelette for my flight to the Dominican Republic, and Sweet Potato Gnocchi for my flight back to Toronto. Both meals were amazing, but the Sweet Potato Gnocchi seriously blew me away - so much so, that I've been craving it ever since! My flight attendant even gave me an extra piece of bread to soak up my leftover sauce from the meal. So, so good.

It's worth noting that, even if you're not flying Club Class, the delicious meals by chef Daniel Vézina are available in limited quantities to all Air Transat passengers at an additional cost of $25.  This includes a cheese plate, dessert and a glass of wine. Whether or not I'm flying Club Class, this will certainly be something that I'm partaking in, since it's great value.

Once we arrived to our destination, we bid our new flight attendant friends adieu, and proceeded to pick up our luggage. The perks of flying Club Class with Air Transat don't end as your  exit the plane - I was so excited to see that our luggage were some of the first to come out of the carrousel! In just one trip, Air Transat Club Class virtually eliminated all of the quirky situations that come along with flying and really changed my opinion of air travel.

My in-flight beverage of choice: spicy clamato juice. I loved that it was served with these cheese crisps, which I affectionally nick-named "crunchies."
My flight attendant made sure that I always had some crunchies in-hand.

This was my meal on my flight to the Dominican Republic - a cheese omelette. Super yummy.

My meal on the flight home to Toronto - Sweet Potato Gnicchi. So, so good.
If there's one thing that I learned from flying Club Class with Air Transat is that air travel can be a part of the experience with travel, rather than a barrier. I'm already looking forward to flying with Air Transat again, and you better believe that I will be flying Club Class.

xo Joëlle

Thank you so much to Air Transat for providing me with Club Class flying experience. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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