OOTD - Fall Weekend Routine

Monday, 23 November 2015

Wake up, lounge, coffee, flowers; this is what my weekend routine consists of.  Between working full time, blogging commitments and trying to find time for a social life weekends tend to be hectic. As busy as the weekends can be, as long as I stick to my tried-and-true weekend routine lineup then I feel content and refreshed. Flower runs when the weather gets colder means trading in my easy sundresses for some heavy knits and opaque stockings. This chunky sweater is so warm that I often wear it without a jacket! Paired with a simple black skirt and some dark tights and I'm ready to hit the flower market.

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Blog Tip - How To Use Snapchat for the Blogger

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

how to use snapchat for your blog tips tricks

You guys may have been like me when first faced with the new biggest app Snapchat - confused. I wrote off the app entirely for months, thinking that it was essentially for a younger generation and could prove no use for my blog.  Fast forward to the present, and now I can't keep myself off of Snapchat - you can see for yourself by adding me: my username is lapetitenoob.  Not only has it given me a a newfound connection with some of my favourite big  bloggers, but it has also allowed me to feel more connected to my followers and readers. I actually think that Snapchat is a welcome addition to my blog, and is a necessary evil when navigating the world of blogging and social media.  Here's my biggest tips on how to make Snapchat work as a blogger, for your blog.

1. Keep It Real

Snapchat is a refreshing change from the over-staged, over-edited world of Instagram. Instead of meticulously setting down your breakfast ingredients for the perfect flat lay, be real! The beauty of snapchat is it allows you to see the authentic, unfiltered side of someone  - and your readers to you.  I myself can vouch as though I know the bigger bloggers and celebrities on a different level because of how real they are on their Snapchat - the more unfiltered, the better. Let is all out and be you, so that your readers can see the most authentic version of yourself and connect with the blogger behind the screen.

2. Talk To Or At the Camera

The way to forge a connection with your blog readers and followers through Snapchat is to speak to or at the camera.  This is something that took me a long time to get used to, and I still struggle; but allowing your blog readers and followers to actually hear your voice makes them feel as though they know you personally instead of just a voiceless person behind a computer.

3. Snapchat Blogger Events and Meet-ups

You know what's fun about following bloggers on Snapchat?  Seeing bloggers interact with other bloggers on Snapchat! Just as revealing your voice to your following increases their connection to you, so does capturing how you interact with other bloggers. Never mind the fact that it's typically at an exciting event, or a cute local cafe.  Using Snapchat during blogger events is a great way to convey the energy and your own excitement in a way that still photos just can't do.

4. Get Readers Excited About New Projects

I know that when I'm working on a new project, I'm so excited I could just burst - but of course you have to wait until the blog or social media post to let your readers know about it.  The beauty of using Snapchat as a blogger is that you can post in real-time letting everyone know about new projects you have on the horizon, the process as you execute them and how excited you are the whole way through. I also like to 'unbox' fun packages that I receive for my blog on Snapchat because it gives your readers a completely different perspective than just artfully photographing the contents. No matter what the occasion, excitement is contagious and you can help generate some excitement for your blog through Snapchat.

5. Be safe

I hate to bring any sort of negativity, but it's worth mentioning: be mindful of what you post on Snapchat.  We really don't know who is actually watching our Snapchat videos or viewing our photos so some vigilance is necessary.  Avoid any recognizable landmarks around your home, capturing street signs or disclosing too much personal information. Snapchat can be a lot of fun, and a great way to connect as a blogger - but just be careful.

6. Have Fun

Snapchat is fun! Honestly, I try hard not to over think it and just have fun with the app - that's when your most authentic self comes through.

Do you use Snapchat, either for personal use or for your blog?  If you're a blogger, what tips do you adhere to when using Snapchat? I feel as though I'm still learning how to use this app to its full potential, so I'm interested to know everyone's thought process behind it - let me know!

Add me to your Snapchat so that we can follow one another - my username is lapetitenoob.

xo Joëlle

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OOTD + Daniel Wellington Promo Code

Monday, 16 November 2015

white after labor day while midi skirt daniel wellington promo code

I've said it more than once, but if there's a fashion rule book then I never received my copy. Wearing white after labour day - well why not! I like to get the absolute most out of my wardrobe and part of that is eliminating season-specific pieces. I love the juxtaposition of this eyelid white midi skirt with a black bomber jacket, black Daniel Wellington watch and a touch of leopard. To me, as long as white is grounded with darker neutrals you can definitely wear it all year round!

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