DIY Slouchy Beanie from an Old Sweater Tutorial - No Sewing

Monday, 25 August 2014


Happy Monday, Noobs!  I've got a new tutorial for Wonder Forest on how to turn an old sweater into a slouchy, on-trend beanie - perfect to the summer to fall transition.  Check it out and let me know what you think!



OOTD - Blush Pink Tulle Skirt for our Wedding Anniversary

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Happy Sunday Noobs!  My apologies for the unusually long hiatus between posts.  If you follow my instagram, you know that I had a heart-stopping medical scare with my beloved chihuahua Fritz, so my energies were focused on him.  Not to worry though, he has made a full recovery and my head is clear to continue on with blogging!

Today marks the day of my one year wedding anniversary.  I have blogged about our wedding in previous posts (see here and here), but I cannot believe that one whole year has gone by since the big day - crazy!  My husband and I visited the restaurant that we were married in, and we had a delicious dinner.  I wore a  blush pink tulle skirt, my wedding shoes and my most favourite leopard clutch.  Read on for additional photos and outfit details.

OOTD - Transitional Summer Outfit

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Here we are, the second last week of August and it's chilly - still sunny, but chilly.  Not one to get too upset over Fall's early appearance, I've been having fun slowly easing into fall style while still keeping a light, summery pallet.  White is the quintessential summer colour, so what does it matter that it's in a pant rather than a short or a skirt?  Besides, after a overindulgent summer filled with patios, desserts and cocktails  - pants are actually a welcome (and borderline necessary) change.  Add a pair of booties and a floppy felt hat and I'm almost ready to forgive the early departure of summer - almost.  Read on to see a typical outfit for the transition from warm summer days, to chillier weather and all outfit details.

OOTD - Cold, Rainy Style feat. Hunter Boots

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Happy Sunday, Noobs!  If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that the weather in my area of Toronto has been pretty miserable lately - cold, windy and rainy.  I am someone who seems to be particularly affected by the weather, so I really need to force myself to stay positive and active when it's dreary outside.  This outfit is a super simple style that I have been sporting lately - one of my favourite summer sundresses with a chambray shirt tied on top.  The chambray shirt keeps me warm, and can change the entire look of the sun dress - which will be perfect in Europe when I'm traveling with only a carry on.  Read on for additional photos and outfit details

30 Before 30 Update: Road trips, Packing and My Nemesis - Jogging

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Greetings Noobs!  I'm sure that many of you had thought that I had forgotten about my humble 30 before 30 list.  Well, fear not because lots has been bubbling behind the scenes.  I've been trying to map out how to check off a good portion of my tasks before summer's end and I think that I've come up with a concrete plan - at least for a few things.

Take a Roadtrip:

I am not a car person.  I love travel, and certainly have an unquenchable wanderlust but traveling by car is definitely my least favourite mode of transportation.  I was racking my brain on road trip destinations that I would enjoy visiting and travelling to, and not getting very far until I started to think outside of the box and had a 'eureka' moment.  My upcoming trip to Italy includes visiting various parts of the country, including travelling from Rome to the Southern Coast of Italy, and instead of taking a train like originally planned we will now be renting a car and driving.  We would leave from Rome and travel by car to Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi (with a ferry to Capri squeezed somewhere in there) and then back to Rome to continue on with our trip.  I have to admit, the thought renting a car and driving along the narrow, crooked hills of the Italian Coast gives me nightmares of driving straight off a cliff - but I have been assured that the views and experience will be worth it.  Besides it will be my husband driving, thus significantly reducing our chances of ending up in an Italian Emergency Room.  I am really looking forward to checking this off of my list and, of course, reporting back with photos and stories of the whole experience!

Become an Expert Packer:

I had mentioned this in a previous post, but I will say it again so that I will for sure stick to it: I will be travelling through Italy for three weeks with only carry on luggage.  No checked luggage for this Noob!  The challenge will lie in the fact that we will be travelling North through our trip, meaning that I will likely need to bring a wardrobe for both hot and cool weather - a stiff order for carry on only!  I feel up to the challenge, and am confident that if I can succeed in this then I can official cross myself off as an expert packer.

Start Jogging:

My most dreaded item on my 30 things to do before 30 list has always been to become a regular jogger.  I used to love jogging in my University days, and tried to get out for a run at least every morning - sometimes jogging twice a day.  Those days are long behind me, and with the biggest form of exercise that I participate in lately being getting up to get a drink between HBO episodes, I need some serious help.  Well, I am happy to say that today this Noob went for a jog.  The route was not long, and my technique was anything but elegant but dammit I was jogging!  I have yet to experience the famous runners high, but I know that it will come with time.  I'm just glad that I broke my own habits and actually got out there.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to soak my battered, out of shape body in a tub of Epsom salts.

Until next time,

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