Tuesday 9 August 2022

Hosting A Summer Picnic with Aeroplan

Summertime is my favourite time in the city. I love the warm weather, the endless summer events, dining alfresco and hosting picnics with my friends. I absolutely love throwing little picnics to catch up with friends, and the picnic preparation is one of my favourite parts. I've developed a routine so that the errands that I run for my picnic set-up aren't any different than my everyday purchases - and each of these everyday purchases help to earn me Aeroplan points!

I've been earning Aeroplan points for years, and love earning points to redeem for gift cards, merchandise, travel, activities and so much more! I especially love how I can earn Aeroplan points on everyday summer purchases that are already a part of my routine. This is a game changer for earning points, and helps me to achieve my next rewards sooner! 

Let me walk you through the prep for this summer picnic, and how I earned Aeroplan points along the way - and how I even used my existing Aeroplan points to elevate the experience!

Get Some Caffeine

Let's start with my first purchase of the day, a Starbucks(R) beverage, and I'm always ordering my coffee through the mobile app to save time. I'll need the fuel for doing my picnic prep and then hosting my friends soon after it's done. Did you know that you can link your Aeroplan and Starbucks(R) Rewards account, and earn 150 points every time you reload$75 on to your digital Starbucks(R) card. 

Pick Up Beverages

Next up is picking up beverages from the LCBO. A nice bottle of dry rosé is perfect for a summertime backyard picnic. You can earn 1 Aeroplan point for every $4.00 spent plus look out for bonus offers at the LCBO! This is a spot where earning points comes naturally to me, haha!

Upgrade Your Picnic Gear


You can also earn points when you shop online with over 200 retailers through Aeroplan eStore as well! My picnic blanket and basket, for example, are from a retailer via the Aeroplan eStore. Pretty incredible, and I love how even shopping online can help to earn Aeroplan points.

Utilize Uber 

Want to know a secret to my summertime picnics? I like to rely on Uber Eats to deliver the food! That way, we can enjoy whatever cuisine all of my guests are in the mood for and I have less preparation beforehand which really cuts back on the stress of hosting. If the host is stress-free then that good energy will rub off on the guests! You can also have Uber Eats delivered to a park if that is your location of choice - this time I had it delivered straight to my backyard.

You can actually link your Aeroplan account on both the Uber and Uber Eats app, earning points on eligible rides and food orders. Listen - with the amount of Uber Eats that I order, I'm convinced this is the purchase category that accelerates my points earning the most!


Hosting Tip: If I'm planning a picnic in my backyard, or at a park near me, I like to send an Uber XL ride to pick up my friends. It's a nice gesture that really elevates their experience, and also a sneaky way that you can keep a schedule on-time!

My backyard picnic was a huge success! I had a blast with the planning and execution - and with earning Aeroplan points with each of my purchases. It’s amazing how points add up with my everyday purchases throughout the summer.

If you're not already a member, join Aeroplan to start earning points today! You can redeem for gift cards, merchandise, travel - and so much more! You can even redeem your Aeroplan points for Starbucks Stars and Uber Cash! ​​

How do you enjoy summer picnics?

xo Joëlle

This post was kindly sponsored by Aeroplan. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Our Ikea PAX Wardrobes


It's been some time since we turned our old, dark walk-in-closet into my office. While I couldn't be happier with the decision, I realized that I never shared what we did as an alternative to our walk-in-closet. Enter the Ikea PAX wardrobe! The way our home is configured, there is a large area between the master bedroom area and the washroom on the other side of the house. The way it was staged when we viewed the property made that space into a lounge area, which I never quite understood. So instead of letting the space go to waste, we installed Ikea PAX wardrobes, a mirror and some baskets and made it into a dressing area!

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the Ikea PAX system. Not only is it completely customizable, but they were really affordable and easy to build! We opted to put doors on our wardrobe, since they would be out in the open and wanted a clean look. The only thing that we did to make it completely our own is to get separate handles from Wayfair; an easy and inexpensive hack that made a big difference.

Two 100cm wardrobes and one 50 cm wardrobe


Rug: Dynamic Rugs Essence Collection

I hope that helps to clear things up! While we lost a bit of wardrobe space with this method, gaining a room was well worth it.

Have you tried the Ikea PAX wardrobe system? What are your favourite features? Let me know!

xo Joëlle

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