Monday 30 September 2019

I'll Always Remember Us This Way

It's been nearly two months since we welcomed our little potato Benny into our lives. So strange - on one hand, it feels like he's been here forever and on the other hand I can't believe how quickly two months has flown by.

We've made it out of the newborn fog, survived the cluster feedings and are now in something that vaguely resembles a routine. Of course, there are challenges on the other side of that initial newborn stage. Brian returned back to work only to enter one of his busiest times; this means working overtime, weekends and work-related travel. Myself, as a self-employed freelancer with no maternity leave, I've been trying to juggle being there for Benny while maintaining my business and accepting and fulfilling contracts - something that's really important to me. It's been difficult trying to manage a balance, but we're getting through; largely with the support of our family, which has been key.

Even with all of the challenges that come along with bringing a baby into a very busy life, I can't express how much I've been enjoying this time. Having and raising Benny has taught me so much already - and it's only been two months! I want to sit down and update you with a proper post of how having a child has changed me, but that will come later in the week. For now, I just wanted to share these precious moments captured on-camera by Laura Clarke.

Through all of the chaos, and how quickly life moves, I always want to remember us this way.

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