Thursday 27 February 2014

One Item Three Ways - Club Monaco Susanna Skirt

As a part of my 30 Before 30 venture is to take better care in how I dress myself, I've been trying to develop a remix able wardrobe - a wardrobe full of interchangeable pieces that can carry me from one season to the next effortlessly. The process has forced me to change my way of thinking while shopping - looking at each piece critically, thinking of how it will fit with the rest of my wardrobe and imagining its functionality in every seasons.  Read on for outfit details, photos and explanations on how I styled this skirt to accommodate three different looks for the whole range of seasons.


Sunday 23 February 2014

OOTD - Winter Maxi Skirt

Impatient for the ever-anticipated arrival of spring, I decided to bring out one of my favourite mild weather items with a winterised twist - the maxi skirt.

I kept a very dark palette, a thin sweater on top, and a moody lip to keep things season appropriate. Read on for additional photos and outfit details.


Thursday 20 February 2014

Blood Orange Margarita - A Summer Cocktail for a Never-Ending Winter

I have never been one to shy away from a work week cocktail - my creativity, however, is lacking.  My idea of a fancy beverage is to periodically toss a few cucumber slices into my nightly gin and tonic and call it a day.  Lately the never ending winter that we're experiencing in Toronto has had me longing for summer, and subsequently has spiked my interest in summer cocktails.  A margarita is the quintessential summer beverage, and my beloved blood orange recipe offers a tangy twist on an old favourite.  Read on to find out how I make my perfect Blood  Orange Margaritas, and then drink up - we're going to need it to get through the rest of this winter!


Tuesday 18 February 2014

Getting Into Character - OOTD

On my quest to take more pride in how I dress myself, I've been finding inspiration in the strangest places.  It's funny how clothing can really transform you into whichever character that you want to play that day. This big furry coat is not only Polar Vortex approved, it makes me feel like a mob wife - like a character off one of my favourite shows 'The Sopranos.' Coupled with a dark palate and a leopard clutch, and I'm ready to turn a blind eye to my mobster husband's shady behaviour! 

Read on for more photos and details.

Saturday 15 February 2014

My Winter Uniform - Winter OOTD

Here we are, the middle of February, and here in Toronto there just doesn't seem to be an end to winter in sight.  This winter has been particularly brutal; snow, snow and more snow and absolutely frigid temperatures that seemed to have zapped any outfit creativity.  I don't know about you, but I seem to have a "winter uniform" - a combination that I gravitate towards during the frozen season that makes me feel put together, without having to devote too much thought to the matter.  Read on for more outfit photos as well as details.


Tuesday 11 February 2014

Mason Jar Salads - My Newest Obsession

La Petite Noob has not been feeling so petite lately.  The cold weather, mountains of snow and ice have forced me into hibernation and, subsequently, into comfort eating.  In an effort to not to waddle into Spring as a bloated Michelin man, I've been taking my meal preparations more seriously - specifically when it comes to work lunches.  Mason Jar Salads are my favourite way to prepare a series of work lunches - they're quick, easy and are visually beautiful. Read on for my method of preparation, as well as little tips I've picked up along the way.


Sunday 9 February 2014

OOTD - Featuring Clare Vivier

Happy Sunday Noobs - I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was unfortunately a working weekend, but I did manage to escape on Saturday night to make the trek uptown to celebrity chef Mark McEwan's restaurant North 44. I was so excited to bust out my recently purchased Clare Vivier leopard foldover clutch and snap a few outfit photos , but with the weather dropping to a chilling -16 degrees Celsius I opted to just lay out the garments in the warmth of my home. 

C'est la vie.

Until next time,


Clutch - Clare Vivier
Sweater & Necklace - Club Monaco
Skirt  - H&M
Booties - Target


Wednesday 5 February 2014

Planning Our Toronto Wedding - Photos + What I Learned

Mother nature is currently dumping a whopping 10-15 cm of snow on the city of Toronto and I'm spending the snowy day warm at home, with a cup of hot coffee and looking through old photos - particularly my wedding photos.  My husband and I were married this past August in the city of Toronto and the day could not have been more wonderful.  The planning process, however, was another story - lots of laughter, some tears, a lot of frustration and more gin and tonics than I care to mention.  Read on as I share some of my favourite photos, and some important lessons I learned along the way while planning our wedding day.


Sunday 2 February 2014

La Petite Noob: A January Update

Bonjour à tous!  For those of you living in Toronto (or another frozen winter wonderland), I'm sure you're just as anxious for spring to arrive as I am.  I always feel like January is the hardest month to get though, weather wise as well as matters relating to budget.  My credit cards are just starting to cool off from the holiday season, as well as from the damage all the post-Christmas sales have done (but on the plus side, I did manage to pick up a Clare Vivier leopard print, calf hair clutch that I've been eyeing for awhile - score!) Couple that with a few expensive costs that just popped up, and I'm about ready for a budget overhaul.

Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Jen from Skirt the Rules, I've decided to take control of my lackadaisical shopping habits and devote no more than $350 every month towards clothing purchases.  I think this is just what I need to take that extra few minutes to really think about what I'm purchasing, to decide if it is really worth the money and if it will work within my pre existing wardrobe.  This also ties into one of my 30 before 30 goals to take better care how how I dress, and develop more of a remix able wardrobe, instead of having all separates.  I think it's a great idea all around, and am excited to report as to how February develops.

Hope you all had a amazing January and a great start to February.

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