Friday 16 December 2016

Update: Life Lately

Photo by Cleland Studios

Pardon my week-long absence from the blog, but life lately has been nuts.  I've always heard people tell me that the holiday season was crazy and never understood until this year; it's been crazy. This week has been the first week that I consciously took a step back from events and projects and just decompressed. It felt good. Though it nagged me that I hadn't updated the blog in a week, I realized how much I needed to just relax and just be. The good news is that I'm recharged, re-motivated and ready to get back at it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and though it's only been a week away I  really missed this blog.

So what have I been up to lately that has been keeping me busy? Too much to talk about in one post (in fact there's a big life change coming for me that I want to dedicate an entire spot to.) In the meantime, here's a few little favourites that have been highlights from the month.

A cute and simple manicure from The Ten Spot in Toronto. I call it the nail art for people who are afraid of nail art.

An obsession is born in the form of luxury candles. This Diptique candle smells delicious and makes me so nostalgic for Paris that I can barely stand it.

Photo by Pond's End Productions

I had the absolute pleasure of celebrating Rebeca of Wishbone and Clover for her birthday brunch. This girl is seriously so much fun, and I absolutely love her and her blog.

I have been living in these Victoria Secret pink PJs, which were generously sent over from my friends at essence Cosmetics. They are the most comfortable PJs that I have ever owned, and they basically work as a sleeping-aid for me; I put them on and I'm asleep in 5 minutes or less.

That's it!  Let me know what you guys think. What have you been loving this month?  Let me know!

xo Joƫlle


  1. Big news?! I need to know! Love these snaps girly! Let's plan our next date!
    xx Gabriella

  2. So much pink...I love! So important to decompress, especially around the holidays. Glad you're feeling refreshed! :)

  3. ooh Joelle I wonder what your big life change is? I have a guess but I won't say! whatever it is I wish all the best for you :) Also love your nail art, so cute!

    The Fashionista Bubble

  4. How are you always so cute!??? I need your closet!
    oxox Annika

  5. Oh can't wait to hear about what's coming up for you! I'm sure it's exciting. Love your manucure it's so pretty!

    Bisous, Josie


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