Tuesday 26 May 2015

OOTD - Comme Une Française

Is it only me, or does knowing that Paris is only a plane ride away provide a unspeakable amount of comfort. Wanderlust has gotten a firm hold on me, as it does after I get home from all of my trips, and lately I've been longing for the streets of Paris. I still remember only a couple of summers ago admiring the simplicity and elegance that the Parisienne women possessed in their effortless way of dress.  Stripes paired with solids, minimal accessories and no-fuss hair and makeup - take me back!  Although my outfit channels more of the fairy-tale Paris that I keep in my head, I still love the look of a striped crop top and black swing skirt. After all, what self-respecting Parisienne women would wear a chunky heel with a short skirt?  Mon dieu! 

Skirt - Aritzia, Striped Crop Top - Forever 21
Hat - American Apparel, Booties - Steve Madden, Clutch - Clare V.

Although it's not Paris, I've sought refuge in the tulip-lined paradise of St. James Park in Toronto.  I pass this park every day on my way to work, and it always makes me smile.  St. James park only gets more beautiful as the season goes on, so if you're in the Toronto area I definitely encourage you to take a visit!

It's no surprise that I love pairing stripes with floral, but there's definitely a spot in my heart reserved for stripes with leopard.  I feel as though I say this every time I post this Clare V Leopard Foldover clutch, but it really was such a great purchase that I get so much use out of.

What place in the world calls to you?

xo Joëlle


  1. Haha- That last sentence! So cute though. I miss Paris, too....
    Le Sigh...

    xx Gabriella

  2. Sacre bleu! Joelle! A chunky heel with a swing skirt? Hahaha, I kid I kid. Loving this outfit!
    While you're thinking of Paris, my mind is set on Hawaii. Bikinis are a fashion statement right?

    Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

    1. Totally a fashion statement. And let's not forget about the flower crowns! ;)

  3. Ooh lala. I still haven't managed to make my way to Paris. I think it is something about the warm weather that makes you want to explore the world even more. I like the chunky heel. So much easier to walk in than a stiletto. lol.

    Eleni xo Bijuleni

    1. I totally agree Eleni - as soon as the warm weather hits, you feel like you can't sit still! I'm with you on the chunky-heel too - SO easy to walk in!

  4. Very chic, I can definitely pick up on the Parisian inspiration. London has been calling my name for awhile now, it's been a few years since I was there last. Summer always makes me nostalgic.

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

    1. There really is something about Summer that invokes a sense of nostalgia. I love London too, what was your favourite part of the city?


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