Saturday 15 February 2014

My Winter Uniform - Winter OOTD

Here we are, the middle of February, and here in Toronto there just doesn't seem to be an end to winter in sight.  This winter has been particularly brutal; snow, snow and more snow and absolutely frigid temperatures that seemed to have zapped any outfit creativity.  I don't know about you, but I seem to have a "winter uniform" - a combination that I gravitate towards during the frozen season that makes me feel put together, without having to devote too much thought to the matter.  Read on for more outfit photos as well as details.

1. The Perfect Beanie - 
I had one hell of a time trying to find the perfect black beanie - one that was warm, large enough to fit a head of large curls underneath and enough 'flop' to create that perfect, casual look.  After searching high and low in every store I could think of, I finally found my perfect black beanie in the men's section at The Hudson's Bay.  $7 - you really can't beat that.

2. Face Shielding Sunnies - 
I love a good pair of oversized sunglasses, but they become a necessity during the winter season to shield my face from the wind and cut down on eye tears.  These Karen Walker Number One sunglasses have such a unique shape, and I love the funky tortoise pattern.

3. Wool Snood
I much prefer a snood to a scarf, if only for the sheer simplicity of it - just plop on and go! is where I get most of my warm winter accessories and, although this current model is sold out, this one is very similar.

4. Bell Jacket
This jacket, with its slight flare at the bottom, is very flattering and has proven to be a winter staple.  I purchased mine at Zara years ago, but it is a classic style (this one from Asos is similar.)

5. Black Tights - 
I hate pants. Not so much in a public nudity way, but in the fact that I much prefer a dress or a skirt.  A thick pair of opaque black tights allow me to wear my much loved skirts, without freezing my buns off.  I buy mine in bulk from H&M.

6. Low Maintenance Booties - 
I'm such a sucker for a soft leather shoe, or a fuzzy suede boot - the maintenance however, not for me.  When I'm shleping myself around town a faux-leather bootie is the perfect low maintenance alternative - just wipe clean.  I save myself the grief of frantically sprinting from salt trucks and reserve the higher end winter footwear for special occasions.

7. An Oversized Bag
I turn into a bit of a bag lady in the winter. I won't leave the house without my mitts, beanie, umbrella, etc. etc.  The Fran bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs is the perfect size to house all of my winter accessories, and comes with a handy shoulder strap to allow me to go hands free.

Those are the components to my go-to winter uniform.  What styles and must-haves do you gravitate towards during the winter months? 



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