Monday 18 February 2019

Surprise! I'm Pregnant

For the past three and a half months, I've been keeping a pretty big secret: I'm pregnant!

Even typing the words out still feels surreal to me. Both Brian and I are so excited, a little bit in disbelief and slightly terrified. I always knew that this day would come eventually, even though it seemed like it would never get here - especially if you were to ask our parents, haha! It's no doubt that Brian and I took our sweet time in getting to this point; both in our thirties, after being married for over five years. Although they say that you're never quite ready to make the leap to have children, in the past year I've been feeling closer and closer to getting to that point.

So now the news is officially out! If you had noticed a slow-down in both my blog and video content, being pregnant is 100% why. While I've had a pretty good pregnancy physically to date (KNOCKING ON ALL THE WOOD,) where I've been struggling the most has been mentally - specifically with bouts of anxiety that seemingly come out of nowhere and for no real reason. Thankfully now that I'm in my second trimester my hormones seemed to have adjusted and I've been feeling so much better overall. More about all of this in another blog post. I plan on doing a full first-trimester recap all about my symptoms to date, how long it took us to conceive, why we waited so long to start trying - all of that good stuff.

Until then, I'll leave you with our good news while I go raid the fridge for anything and everything carb-y and sweet.

Thank you so much for being here throughout the years - I'm so excited and relieved to finally be able to share this news with you! I look forward to sharing more of the journey, and how everything evolves in the months and years to come.

xo Joƫlle

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  1. Wow, really congratulate you with this event. We will passionately wait for the birth of your child. Keep us in touch with your news. That is cool that you share with us your secrets.


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