Wednesday 27 September 2017

OOTD - Pretty Pictures

Sometimes the Universe seems to be against you, and sometimes it lines up perfectly. That's how I felt when I met Eryn from Eryn Shea Photography. Eryn is such a sweetheart and when I saw her photography my heart skipped a beat! We met at the most beautiful salon in Toronto, Her Majesty's Pleasure, and it was amazing. I tried to think of a story, or anything to do these photos justice but I couldn't. So for this post, simply enjoy the beautiful photos that Eryn took. Thank you Universe for allowing me to meet and be inspired by such creative and talented people.

Skirt - c/o Le Chateau, Shoes - c/o Le Chateau, Bag - Gucci

These shoes from Le Chateau are seriously a work of art. I'm a sucker for a pink shoes, but these ones in particular have the most beautiful heel! Bonus points for a block heel, making them extremely easy to walk in. Love!

What do you guys think? Have you connected with people who insipre you? Let me know!

xo Joƫlle


  1. Such stunning photos, wow! Love the whole outfit.

    xx Gabriella


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