Wednesday 24 May 2017

Healthier Living With Oasis Infusion

It's no secret amongst my friends and family that I've been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle lately. While I've been trying to make healthier choices when eating out or cooking at home more often, one area that I've really been struggling with is drinking more water.  The thing is, I actually don't mind the taste of regular water (I know that some people, like my mom, don't love the taste.)  My problem is that I just don't find drinking plain water interesting enough to keep it top-of-mind. Funny, right?

Enter Oasis Infusion.  I was turned on to this infused water when I was looking for alternatives for staying hydrated. The Oasis infusion is cold-infused with different herbs, flowers, and spices and mixed with 35% real fruit juice. My favourite flavour is the cucumber, lime, mint - so good! I personally love the addition of the herbs; it keeps the infused water tasting fresh and balances out the taste. The result is a really light, refreshing beverage that has me reaching for it all day long and has really helped to keep me hydrated.

I know that a lot of us really struggle with getting enough water into our daily routines, so I'm so happy that Oasis Infusion offers a tasty solution.

What do you guys think?  Do you struggle to get enough water on the daily?  What are your tips for upping your water intake?

xo Joëlle

This post was created in collaboration with Oasis Canada. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. This looks really good! Love your pictures! Have a nice day!
    Plume d'Auré

  2. Those sound SO good! I've been struggling with drinking enough water lately too and have been trying to remember to add lemon and cucumber to make it more interesting. I'll have to try these!

    Jackie from Something About That

    1. YES! Let me know what you think of them Jackie! The cucumber mint one is my favourite!

  3. It looks amazing, and so do all the pictures xx


    1. Thank you so much Jill! My brother helped me take these photos at our cottage (if I shared my Oasis Infusion with him) and I am so happy with how they turned out!


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