Monday 20 March 2017

OOTD - Pants for Petites

You guys know that shopping for pants is the bane of my existence. I can never seem to find anything that fits a shorter leg, and the fact that I have a smaller waist with larger hips does not help the situation at all. My petite ladies out there - or anyone really who doesn't have your typical model-type body - can relate!

Pants are however a necessary part of any wardrobe, and I was in search of a pair that I could wear to meetings or when I needed to look a bit more professional. I knew that Reitmans carries petite sizes from my search for jeans, so I decided to try my luck.  Once I walked into the store, I knew that I had come to the right place. After speaking with my sales associate about my pant-woes, she promptly pulled an armful of pants all in petite sizes - and here I was thinking that I would only have a few options to pick from! After having fun trying on pair after pair, I settled on these ultra-comfortable, but very smart looking pair of black chinos. I also couldn't resist adding a dusty rose blouse and blush pink blazer to the mix. Add a pair of classic black pumps and my favourite everyday handbag, and I'm already feeling more professional and prepared for meetings.

Chinos - c/o Reitmans, Blouse - c/o Reitmans, Blazer - c/o Reitmans
Shoes - Marshall's (old), Bag - Louis Vuitton (size 30)

To be honest, I didn't quite know what a chino pant was until I visited Reitmans, but now they may be my favourite comfortable style. The pants have a flattering straight leg, but also have a bit more room in the thighs. I like to roll up my pants for an exposed ankle with my heels, which is a more flattering style on me. I'm definitely looking to pick up these pants in a few more colours - I spotted a pink pair for spring that has my name written all over it!

All in all, I'm happy with my new chinos and I have a feeling that Reitmans may be changing the way that I look at pants. I've learned that pants are not the enemy - you just need to find a store that carries the right fit for your body.

What do you guys think?  Have you struggled with finding a pair of pants that fit?  What do you wear to meetings?  Let me know!

xo Joëlle

Photography by Bettina Bogar.

This post was created in partnership with Reitman's. All opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. These pics are so fun! Love all the colours and the roses are a fab touch!

    xx Gabriella

    1. Awe thank you friend! I love adding fresh flowers to photos!

  2. I am definitely not petite, but I struggle with pants all the time. They are just designed so awkwardly that they don't fit all types of bodies. I think I have a couple of pairs from Reitmans that fit well, but those were more loose fitted. Kinda like my boyfriend jeans. lol. Also, love the photos.

    Eleni xo

    1. Thanks Eleni! I know, pants are not my friend! For me, if a store carries petite sizes then I am very happy! xo

  3. A great outfit! I like the blouse and the blazer :-*

    Melanie /

  4. Those pants look great on you! I completely relate to the struggle and finding stores that carry petite lengths makes a world of difference.

    Something About That

    1. RIGHT?? I can't tell you how many pants I've bought with the intention of hemming, only to have them sitting in a pile in my room for months.

  5. Soooo cute! I totally struggle with finding pants as well. These look great!

    1. Awe thank you! I know what you mean, the struggle is real with pants! xo

  6. i love chino pants, what I don't like are my hips on them lol! but you look gorgeous!!!


    1. LOL I know what you mean! These are a slim chino, so I think that's why they're a bit more flattering! xo

  7. You look lovely! Beautiful stunning

    xxx, Eva

  8. Those pants look great on you! I completely relate to the struggle and finding stores that carry petite lengths makes a world of difference.
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