Saturday, 3 May 2014

OOTD - Chicago Style

A big hello from Chicago! My weekend getaway to the Windy City has largely consisted of eating at much-hyped restaurants, exploring and people-watching.  Chicago style is definitely casual - I'm talking yoga pants, North Face shell jackets and brightly coloured running shoes.  As someone who changes out of her runners to make the 2 minute walk to the car from the gym, it's been an adjustment.  Needless to say, my style doesn't really fit - but one of my favourite things about travelling is experiencing the distinct culture of the destination and Chicago is no different.  This outfit is a typical night time dinner look for me.  Read on for additional photos and outfit details.

Dress - Aritzia, Jacket - Danier Leather, Boots - Steve Madden Plover
Felt Hat - American Apparel, Sunglasses - Elizabeth and James Fairfax

The weather has been pretty chilly here in Chicago, so a jacket was necessary.  I like brining a leather jacket when I travel, simply for the fact that it's great for cutting the wind and is rain repellant.  A slim fitting leather jacket is also dressy enough to wear out for dinner, making it a versatile option.  A scarf is also a travel necessity, and just packing one in a neutral colour is enough for day and night. My last travelling essentials is a hat, and this floppy felt hat has been perfect for hiding frizzy hair after a day of sightseeing. 

I know that Chicago natives and I would have a disagreement on appropriate footwear - I usually prefer a boot with a bit of a heel over a casual runner (hey - I'm 5'2).  It's all a matter of taste, but something tells me that they're the ones laughing as they comfortably glide from one location to the other in running shoes, as I hobble about with sore feet.  

It may not be the most Chicago-appropriate outfit, but I'm comfertable and that's really all that matters.  I've been having a great time in this friendly, relaxed city and can't wait to come back!

Hope you're having a great weekend!




  1. Love how you accessorized this look - the hat, scarf and boots are perfect!

    1. Thank you! This hat is definitely my favourite accessory as of late!

  2. Those boots are such an all time classics and they look so comfy!
    Great look!


    Fashion Agony

    1. Thanks! These boots are SO comfy - I could walk around all day in them :)

  3. I need those boots! Great outfit :)

    1. That's the exact thought that ran through my head when I first saw these boots - haha! Thank you :)

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