Monday 27 January 2014

The Perfect Bold Lip - Featuring MAC's lip primer

There is nothing easier than adding a bold lip to an outfit to look put together, fresh and vibrant.  Previously a sceptic, I would shy away from anything resembling colour on my lips for fear of it highlighting my thin mouth shape (particularly the upper lip).  After seeing so many fun lip colours on the market, I finally decided to join in on the fun - fast forward to today where I won't leave the house for a night out without a vibrant lip colour on.  There are a few steps that I will highlight that are essential when sporting a bold lip colour, but the main element is confidence - just do it.  I still remember the first night I tentatively stepped out with my first ever bold lip on, and all my male companion noticed were that my teeth appeared whiter.  Read on for a step by step guide to achieve the perfect bold lip, that will compliment lips of any shape and size and will last all night.

Let me start first by going over the products that I will be using, and that I consider essential in wearing a bold lip colour:

  • Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub (I like the bright pink 'Bubblegum' flavour)
  • MAC Prep + Prime lip primer
  • MAC Lip liner (my favourite, and the one I will be using is 'Beet' - a beautiful deep fuchsia)
  • MAC Matte Lipstick (this one is a limited edition lippie from the Rhianna collection called 'Pleasurebomb')

Step 1 - Exfoliate

Exfoliating your lips is the only way to remove any traces of dry skin, creating a smooth and clean canvas for any product to adhere to; this will make your bold lip last longer, as well as make your lips appear softer and slightly fuller (this is especially important for those of us with small lips.)  I like to use the Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum; it really exfoliates and moisturises like no home-make lip scrub can, and a little goes a long way so the pot will last you a long time.  Contrary to what the brand recommends, I do wipe off the excess with a tissue rather than licking it off - it is deliciously sweet, but it is mixed with the dead skin that you're trying to remove.  Just some food for thought.

Step 2 - Prime your Lips

This is such an important step that is so often overlooked.  Using a lip primer not only guarantees your lip colour lasting, it also prevents any feathering of the colour and makes applying your lip liner so much easier.  I have tried a few lip primers, but none have preformed as well as the MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip Primer.  **Tip - let the primer sit on your lips for about 10 minutes, or until it gets slightly tacky, before applying any product - it first applies much like a lip balm, and any subsequent lip colour you apply with slip off.

Step 3 - Line you Lips

Line your lips with your favourite lip liner starting from the outer edges of your lips, working your way inwards. I like to fill the entire surface of my lip in with the liner to avoid the dreaded ring around your mouth when the lip colour eventually fades.  My favourite lip liner has got to be MAC Cosmetic's Beet lip liner.  The colour is so versatile - it can be worn under a dark, moody lip colour to brighten it up or underneath your brightest pink to tone the colour down.

Step 4 - Lip Colour

The most important step - applying your bold lip colour.  I always opt for a matte lipstick, since they definitely have the most longevity and are less likely to migrate all over your face (nobody wants to spend an entire evening looking like The Joker from Batman).  To me, a matte lipstick equals greater piece of mind and actually helps to make my lips appear fuller.  The primer we've already applied will combat any dryness from the matte lipstick.  My current favourite is another from MAC Cosmetics, a lippie from the Rhianna collaboration called 'Pleasurebomb', but any matte fuchsia colour will do.  

Step 5 - Blot

The last step is to blot lightly with a tissue and go! 5 simple steps to a bold lip, guaranteeing it will last you well into your evening plans. Have fun trying out different lip liner/ lip combos, and let me know your favourite one.





  1. This is perfect - I'm seriously terrified of bold lip color because I always eff up on the application of it. I seriously need a step by step so badly, so thank you, love!

    1. Thank you, this step-by-step is a result of trial and [lots of] error on my part - haha! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Great pointers. I love bright bold lips

  3. I never really gave lip exfoliaters a thought, but I think I'm going to pick one next time I go shopping! I also never heard of a lip primer until this post but it makes a lot of sense to have one. Thanks for the tips! Bold lips are my signature but I've been having a hard time making them last, so I'll definitely keep your tips in mind :)

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