Monday 20 November 2017

OOTD - My Daily Jewellery

Would you believe that only a short time ago, I never wore any jewellery? I still remember that when Brian asked me to marry him, I had a hard time getting used to wearing a ring every day. Flash forward to now, and I feel naked when I leave the house without my jewellery!

I think the reason I had a hard time with wearing jewellery in the past is that I chose the wrong type. Instead of big statement pieces, now I prefer a daintier variety - not only because I like the way it looks, but also because I just find it more comfortable to wear. Every day I take a few minutes in the morning to put on my jewellery for the day, and I've found comfort in the day. Here's a look at the pieces that I wear on a daily basis, and why I love them so much.


I've gone from not being used to wearing one ring, to wearing a handful of them every day! Aside from my wedding set (which is Tacori for the people who have asked me throughout the years), I'm also conscious to wear a few tiny gold rings on my right hand.

The larger moonstone ring is from Bluboho and I couldn't recommend that store enough. Not only are the staff outrageously kind, but they're extremely helpful as well. I was actually able to pick out this stone and they made it into a ring for me! If you're looking for a beautiful, one of a kind piece then I would definitely recommend them.

My go-to stop for delicate stacking rings is definitely Mejuri. These two gold stacking rings are from Mejuri and I wear them every day.


I have a pretty small wrist, so I have a hard time finding bracelets that fit. I bought these two gold-filled cuffs from an online store run by a Youtuber I used to watch back in the day (Youtube made me do it, lol!) Turns out these cuffs were a great buy since I wear them often and they're great for stacking too!


Necklaces are the pieces that I have the most trouble with. If I can feel it on my neck, I'm uncomfortable and end up taking it off by the end of the day. These two delicate gold necklaces from Michael Hill are perfect for me; not only are they beautiful, and glitter delicately in the light, but they're also very lightweight and I don't feel them at all! The gold bar necklace adds just enough of a statement, and I layer it with a tiny chain to add some additional detail.

So that's everything that I wear on a daily basis! I've come a long way from never wearing any jewellery. I would love to know what you guys think. Are you into jewellery as well? Do you prefer statement pieces or something more dainty? Let me know!

xo Joƫlle


  1. oh herro there! You are always decked out in jewellery but they all work so tastefully together! Now you've inspired me to go and buy myself a new ring haha.


  2. It’s crazy when you say you never used to wear jewelry. I love your rings, especially the bluboho one!! We need a BFF ring or necklace!!

    x Sab

  3. Such a beautiful and delicate jewellery!

  4. Love your choice. They all work really well together. I'm a jewellery junkie so these pieces have me going crazy!

    - Mariam

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