Wednesday 25 October 2017

Life Lately + Outfits of Instagram

Life lately has been completely crazy, in the best way possible. I'm not one to glorify busy but girl, lately, I have been busy and I just can't find another way to describe it. While I appreciate all of the new business and opportunities, it's not without its challenges - namely, time management. I have been struggling to keep on top of everything on the administrative side, while still finding time to write blog posts, post videos and take photos.

I'm actually seriously considering hiring an assistant, which is so exciting! Hopefully, I'll have more details on that soon. In the meantime, thank you so much for your patience as blog posts and videos have slowed down a bit - I have a plan to keep everything up in the months to come. And remember, I'm always extremely active on Instagram so give me a follow there if you haven't already! Here are a few outfits that have been featured on my Instagram, with shoppable links in case anything catches your eye.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and for sticking around with me. Talk more soon.

Skirt - Uniqlo, Sweater - Forever 21, Boots - c/o Aldo
Beret - Amazon

Dress - c/o Tobi, Blazer - Topshop (last season), Shoes - Gucci

Skirt - Le Chateau, Blouse - Le Chateau, Boots - c/o Geox
Hat - Le Chateau

Dress - WAYF, Backpack - c/o Matt & Nat, Beret - Amazon

Coat - c/o Le Chateau, Shoes - Gucci
Looking forward to sharing what's to come! Thank you so much again for your support.

xo Joëlle

Monday 16 October 2017

OOTD - Over The Knee Boots

I'm not one to get excited over the typical things that people freak out for during Fall; wool makes me itchy, falling leaves irritate my allergies and drinking anything labeled pumpkin spice makes me gag - so gross.

The one thing that comes along with the Fall weather that I can get on board with is boots. I freaking love wearing boots! These boots, in particular, have captured my heart in a big way. I'm not normally one to go for anything brown, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the richness and texture that these over-the-knee beauties bring to an outfit. I also love how well this rich tan hue goes with pink, so safe to say that these boots will match with 90% of my wardrobe. Paired with a pink corduroy skirt and non-itchy basic sweater, it's safe to say that you'll find me in some variation of this outfit all season long.

Boots - c/o Le Chateau, Skirt - Forever 21, Sweater -  Forever 21
Clutch - Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26

I have really been loving this little Louis Vuitton pouch that I picked up while in Madrid in the summer. I actually did a video review on the bag, I would definitely check it out if you're interested - especially since I think that this is a great designer piece if you're looking to start a collection.

What do you guys think? Are you into fall? What sort of boot is your favorite? Let me know!

xo Joëlle

Friday 13 October 2017

How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

Is it just me, or is our world becoming increasingly negative? Nevermind what we see on the news, but our access to information and countless platforms to express opinions has resulted in a culture where opinions are treated as facts and it's okay to bash anyone who disagrees with you. I have always considered myself a positive person, but even I found that I was struggling with all of the negative chatter that we consume on an hourly basis. While I don't consider myself immune, I do have a few practices that I keep and have implemented in my life to keep things positive. Here's what I do to keep an upbeat attitude and stay positive in a negative world.

Sweater Dress - c/o Tobi, Hat - c/o Aldo Shoes

1. Love Yourself

This tip sounds so cliché, but it is honestly the most important step to having a positive outlook. Be kind to yourself, and make a conscious effort to quit the negative self-talk. It's amazing how when you truly learn to love and accept yourself, how little you pay attention to the opinions of others. I know myself that I definitely have a hard time maintaining this for the long-haul and do experience periods of insecurity; and honestly, it's when I'm being cruel to myself that I get sucked into the negativity of others to try and make myself feel better. If you don't believe me, just try it out for one day. Don't indulge yourself with any negative self-talk, give yourself compliments and celebrate your little successes. I guarantee that you will have a more positive, stable energy that is way less likely to be shifted by the negativity of others.

So happy to have found Sabrina of My Miaou, who is such a positive person!
Make sure to check out her blog.

2. Cut Out Toxic Friends

Okay, cutting out toxic friends is easier said than done. Sometimes a toxic friend may not be someone who's being mean to you but is someone who is constantly putting others down and thrives off of being negative. A few years ago I consciously let go of a very negative friend that, while never cruel to me, was always very negative towards others. I found myself adopting this negative attitude and even my family noticed a shift in my personality. While it took over a year to completely let go of this friend and was a very painful experience, I can definitely notice a lightness in myself. I also make an effort to surround myself with very supportive, positive people and that has made a world of a difference!

3. Give Yourself Permission to Tune Out 

I absolutely love the internet and appreciate having so much information at our fingertips, but sometimes knowing absolutely everything can get very heavy and overwhelming. While I definitely don't advocate for sticking your head in the sand on world issues, I do think that giving yourself permission to tune out for an hour or two when things become overwhelming is essential for maintaining a positive outlook. I'm also very selective on where I consume my information from and try hard not to succumb to sensationalist media after a major world event has happened; watching hour upon hour of CNN after a crisis doesn't do anyone any good. Know yourself, know your soul's capacity for human suffering and know when to take a break.

What do you guys think? I know these tips sound simple and cliché, but they have made a world of a difference for me when trying to keep a positive attitude. I would love to hear some of your own tips and tricks. Let me know!

xo Joëlle

Monday 9 October 2017

OOTD - Happy Thanksgiving

I really love the Thanksgiving holiday. The chance to see family, indulge in delicious food and enjoy the fall weather is good for the heart and soul. Although I try to always reflect and be grateful on a daily basis, there's something about the Thanksgiving holiday that makes you truly count your blessings. I'm thankful for my family, my health, my friends and the opportunity to do what I love and am most passionate about on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the years, and for turning my dreams into reality. I am forever thankful to you all.

Dress - Privacy Please via Revolve c/o, Shoes - c/o Le Chateau
Bag - borrowed from Love That Bag

This gorgeous, deep pink velvet maxi dress from Privacy Please via Revolve is definitely a show-stopper. In fact, when we were taking these photos, we were interrupted numerous times by people wanting to know more about the dress! The texture and movement of this dress are incredible, and I've honestly never seen a velvet in this colour which makes it incredibly unique. If you're looking for a dress for all of the upcoming holiday parties, I would definitely encourage you to give this one a try.

If you're looking to get a jump-start on holiday dresses, Revolve Clothing has always been my go-to. Some of my favourite designers carried on the site are Lovers + Friends, Tularosa, L'Academie, LPA and Majorelle.

Another great vintage Chanel bag from Love That Bag, my go-to website when shopping pre-loved luxury bags. I'm always so impressed with the condition of every bag that I've ever seen from Love That Bag - you could barely believe that this Chanel is vintage! I also really appreciate how all of the prices are in Canadian Dollars, and you don't have to worry about paying duty. Canadian problems!

What do you guys think? What are you thankful for this holiday weekend? Let me know!

xo Joëlle

Friday 6 October 2017

OOTD + Fall Fashion Picks with Amazon

So the weather might be stuck in summer-mode in Toronto, but take one look outside at how everyone's dressing and it's clear: people are ready for Fall. I myself have been filling my closet with Fall wardrobe pieces and am anxiously awaiting some cooler weather to wear them all. You guys really seemed to like my last fashion roundup with Amazon, which makes me so happy because I love creating them for you! was never on my radar as a destination for fashion, but since discovering how easy and fast the ordering process is I'm hooked! Here's what's in my Amazon shopping cart:

Cardigan - Lovers + Friends via Revolve c/o, Shirt - H&M
Pants - Topshop, Bag - Chloé

What do you guys think? What's in your shopping cart for Fall? Have you ever tried Amazon for fashion? Let me know!

xo Joëlle

Monday 2 October 2017

OOTD - A Beret For Every Occasion

The crisp Fall air has hit in Toronto and, while I'm a summer-lover at heart, I have been enjoying the Fall fashion. Cozy sweaters, long sleeves, rich colours; I love it all and this season, in particular, I'm really loving incorporating hats into my looks. Be it a beret, a fedora or a conductor hat, I'm into it.  I had included this pink beret in a previous fashion round-up, and since receiving it from Amazon I literally haven't taken it off my head. There's something about a beret that makes any outfit a bit more whimsical and feminine.

Beret - Amazon, Shirt - Zara, Skirt - Aritza (old)
Boots - Geox, Bag - borrowed from Love That Bag

You guys know that I've been a fan of Love That Bag for years now; it's a website that I purchased my Chanel mini flap from, where I sold my Phillip Lim Pashi and where you can find me 'window shopping' on any given day. Purchasing luxury goods pre-loved is an amazing way to indulge yourself while saving some money, and I can assure you that the standards from Love That Bag has always been incredible - I couldn't believe that this Valentino had ever been used before! If you're like me an love shopping luxury pre-loved, but also want to know that it's coming from an authentic source, then Love That Bag is for you.

What do you guys think? Are you into berets as much as I am? What Fall fashion item have you been obsessing over? Let me know!

xo Joëlle
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