Thursday 24 February 2022

Our Ikea PAX Wardrobes


It's been some time since we turned our old, dark walk-in-closet into my office. While I couldn't be happier with the decision, I realized that I never shared what we did as an alternative to our walk-in-closet. Enter the Ikea PAX wardrobe! The way our home is configured, there is a large area between the master bedroom area and the washroom on the other side of the house. The way it was staged when we viewed the property made that space into a lounge area, which I never quite understood. So instead of letting the space go to waste, we installed Ikea PAX wardrobes, a mirror and some baskets and made it into a dressing area!

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the Ikea PAX system. Not only is it completely customizable, but they were really affordable and easy to build! We opted to put doors on our wardrobe, since they would be out in the open and wanted a clean look. The only thing that we did to make it completely our own is to get separate handles from Wayfair; an easy and inexpensive hack that made a big difference.

Two 100cm wardrobes and one 50 cm wardrobe


Rug: Dynamic Rugs Essence Collection

I hope that helps to clear things up! While we lost a bit of wardrobe space with this method, gaining a room was well worth it.

Have you tried the Ikea PAX wardrobe system? What are your favourite features? Let me know!

xo Joëlle


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