Friday 29 May 2020

Favourite Canadian Baby Boy Clothing Brands

Baby boy mamas, who can relate: you're on the hunt for some cute, neutral and high-quality clothing for your little only to be hit with either horribly tacky prints or zero selection. Been there. As someone who really enjoys fashion and dressing myself for the day, that same passion extends into finding and dressing Benny in cute little boy clothing. While there certainly isn't as much selection for baby boys as there is for girls, and you may need to filter your results a little bit more, I have managed to build a very cute and incredibly practical capsule wardrobe for Benny from predominantly Canadian brands.

While admittedly I've been slow to shop Canadian brands for myself, I have jumped in whole heartedly for Benny! Supporting our local businesses is more important now more than ever and we Canadians have some absolutely fantastic brand selections for children's apparel - especially for little boys! If you're like me and seek out neutral colours in natural, breathable fabrics and good quality for your baby's wardrobe then I highly suggest checking these Canadian shops out!

Little Yogi

Made in Canada using natural materials, Little Yogi is the answer to your frustration with gendered children's apparel. Made famous by their harem pants, every single piece of clothing that I've received from Little Yogi has been in heavy rotation in Benny's wardrobe (bonus - it washes beautifully.)

Mini Mioche

Organic and made in Canada, Mini Mioche has been one of my favourite brands to build Benny's wardrobe since he was a newborn! My must-have item from the line is their Romper, which makes cooler-weather dressing a no-brainer. I also love the variety of gender-neutral colours and simplicity of their designs!

Petit Lem

Recently I needed to replenish Benny's sleeper stash, as he had grown out of his previous size, and had a hard time trying to find anything that fit. Thankfully I was able to get my hands on some Petit Lem sleepers - and I may never buy anything else! We were well acquainted with Petit Lem for Benny's newborn wardrobe; everything is super soft and is made with the absolute cutest patterns. They also have hard-to-find premie sizing. Another incredible Canadian brand.

Hey Folks

Made in Canada and formally Minimoc, Hey Folks is the only place that I have been buying Benny's shoes lately. I love their simple designs and the fact that no matter how hard Benny tries, he can't seem to kick them off. Plus, they're so cute and come in such beautiful, neutral colours that I typically buy one pair and Benny will wear them with everything until he outgrows them!

Junior Foxes

As a former baby-wearing mama, adding a ring sling into your arsenal of baby gear is an absolute necessity. I love the beautiful colours and patterns available at Junior Foxes, a local Canadian brand, and how durable their sling fabrics are.

With so many adorable Canadian brands to shop for your littles, he list certainly doesn't end here - these are just a few of my personal favourites, and who's websites I'm constantly browsing.

I would love to know your favourite Canadian brands! Any favourites and stand-outs? Where do you shop for your little boy? Let me know!

xo Joëlle
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