Tuesday 15 December 2015

#HolidayBlogSquad - A Very Merry Blogger Holiday

What do you get when you throw together 5 Toronto Bloggers, some amazing local businesses and champagne? A holiday blogger photo shoot full of sparkles, giggles and love.  One chilly December afternoon, some of the loveliest ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting on this blog journey and I took to the studio to celebrate the holidays in style. It really is incredible what can happen when you're surrounded by creative and talented ladies. What was once a empty studio was quickly turned into a holiday wonderland, complete with pastel details, bling, donuts, champagne and lots of tulle. What started off as casual Instagram comments and blogger comments has blossomed into beautiful friendships, and I couldn't be more proud to stand and laugh next to these incredibly talented ladies.  Read on to see the details and photos of this fun afternoon, and to get to know Gabriella, Amy, Eleni and Kaylee - plus Kaylee's incredibly gifted photographer sister Raelene Giffin.

Our tulle skirts are from a locally owned and operated Toronto business called The Pastel Dress Party. Tulle skirts are an incredibly fun piece to have in your closet, and chasing one of the highest quality is so important.  I absolutely love The Pastel Dress Party for their amazing quality, as well as the vast variety their tulle skirts and dresses come in - honestly, the possibility and colours are endless! We're all wearing the Kimmy skirt, and my colour is peach.  You guys know me and my blush skirts, I can't get enough!

Our flower crowns are crafted by Flower Maiden Flowers, and has us all feeling like holiday pixies - honestly, you really can't help but have fun when wearing a flower crown!

Funny story - ever the lush, instead of pretending to sip on my champagne like the other girls I actually ended up downing 3 glasses during the course of the day.  The result was a very tipsy Noob who ended up spilling her 3rd glass all over everyone - whoops!

Our jewels are by Cherrypick, arguably the only stop for super-sparkly statement pieces - perfect for the holidays.

Between photos, the ladies and I had the best time munching and snacking on our cotton candy favours from Fancy Puffs.  We enjoyed the organic holiday flavour 'gingerbread' and it was seriously the most delicious and complex tasting cotton candy that I've ever had!

If it looks like we're having too much fun - we are!  I honestly take so much inpisration from these talented Toronto bloggers, and I think that you will too.  Head over to their blogs to see what I'm talking about - and for more photos of our fun holiday photo shoot!  From left to right (excluding yours truly:)

Kaylee from The Blondie Locks

Eleni from Bijuleni

Gabriella from Pastels and Pastries

Amy from Curated by Amy

Cheers to a beautiful holiday shoot ladies, I'm so glad to have met you and am proud to call you all friends!  I hope you enjoyed our holiday photoshoot and love looking at the photos from the other ladies.  Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Holidays.

xo Joëlle

Photos by Raelene Giffin of Rae Photography


  1. So adorable and festive! Love this post :)
    xx Charlotte

    1. Thank you Charlotte, I'm so glad that you love this post! I was such a fun experience to plan and execute :)

  2. Too much prettiness for such a little small page.So glad to have met you, this was such a fun day and I am so happy to have our little#blogsquad


    1. So glad to have met YOU lady! Who knew us going to the same resort in Mexico could have resulted in this? I'm sure glad that it did! xo

  3. Ah I absolutely love the pastel colors! It's so festive and fairy-like :) You guys really do look like fairies! I find that organic friendships like the one you have with your blogsquad always tend to be the tightest :)

    How To Be More Like Lauren

    1. Thank you so much Lauren, I'm so glad that you like the photoshoot! It's so true, organic friendships always produce the best results :) xo

  4. I love everything about this shoot! The pastels are gorgeous, I love the tulle and you all look like you're having the best time! Blogging win :)

    Something About That

    1. Thank you so much Jackie! I'm so glad that you like it - it was so much fun! xo

  5. These photos came out looking magical, you girls look like human unicorns! Can't wait to hear more about it over brunch!

    1. YESSSS Human Unicorns! Best thing that I've heard all week! So looking forward to brunch Siffat xo

  6. Aww girls this is sooo adorable, I really love it.

    Filipa x


  7. Thank you so much Filipa, I'm so glad that you like it :)

  8. Looking like a holiday princess! All of you! It looks like you all have a great day. And I totally would have been actually drinking the champagne as well ;)

    Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

    1. LOL cheers to being lushes! So glad that you like this Kris!


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