Monday 28 May 2018

OOTD - What I've Been Wearing Lately

I am so happy to say that the weather has warmed up, the sun is shining and it's been absolutely beautiful in Toronto! It's incredible how much weather can affect our moods. Myself I'm happier, more productive and just a generally better person to be around when the sun comes out. I also love shopping for summer clothes; I like wearing lighter colours and a lot of pink (surprise, surprise) so it makes it a lot easier to shop in the summer months.

Check out what I've been wearing lately, and where you can purchase the pieces for yourself.

Dress - Sandro via Hudson's Bay (shop in online), shoes & bag - Gucci

Shirt - c/o Evernew, Pants - c/o Evernew
Bodysuit - Forever 21, Jeans - Citizens of Humanity via Hudson's Bay

Jumpsuit - c/o Evernew 

Dress - Zara

Dress - Highline Collective via Hudson's Bay

What do you guys think? Have you been feeling better now that the weather has warmed up? What's your summer style? Let me know!

xo Joƫlle


  1. Stunner lady, stunning outfits! Love them all! Totally agree-- I am MUCH more myself when it is sunny and beautiful outdoors. Let's move to Cali?
    xx Gab

  2. I wouldn't trust someone who didn't feel the good vibes of summer! Haha. Love the outfits!

  3. wow :) you are gorgeous. The outfits are beautiful, like they are made just for you. I like the white pants and the white dress. I saw your beautiful ring and guess what? This guide is very interesting and it's about
    Rings for women . you should check it out. xoxo


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