Friday 23 March 2018

Wear It Your Way with WonderBra

For me, feeling beautiful in my own skin means being totally comfortable. I try to maximize feeling good about myself each day by practicing positive self-talk, taking time out each day to do something I love and to make sure that everything that I wear is comfortable - right down to my underwear. I not only want my undergarment to be comfortable and beautiful, but I also want them to be concealed; a special treat just for me that I can enjoy no matter what outfit I chose for the day. It sounds like I'm asking for a lot, but you can find it all in just one beautiful bra; the WonderbBra multi-way convertible bra.

I was turned on to the WonderBra multi-way convertible bra, and since haven't looked back. This beautiful piece is literally the perfect compliment to every outfit, and will be your best kept secret - seriously, nobody will ever be able to see it. With up to 49 inner hooks (depending on a size) and removable straps, you can wear this same bra 8 different ways! I'm talking asymmetrical necklines, strapless pieces, halter-cuts; you name the trend and this bra can accommodate.  And it's beautiful to boot, with beautiful lace accents that are virtually undetectable under clothes. The cups are unlined and foam-free, so this beautiful bra is incredibly light and comfortable - so comfortable in fact, that I often find myself lounging around at home in just my bra!

In my quest to be kinder to myself and celebrate my own beauty, it always amazes me how feeling truly comfortable can work wonders on your self esteem. Starting from my undies and working outward, I'm happy to have the WonderBra multi-way convertible bra as my secret weapon to feeling comfortable in any outfit I chose for the day.

You can find the new WonderBra convertible multi-way bra at The Bay and on


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