Tuesday 24 March 2020

Entertaining My Baby in Self Isolation

We're in the midst of a Global Pandemic with Covid-19, and I for one am doing my part to flatten the curve and am staying home. While most friends and people I follow online are using this period of self-quarantine to practice self-care or maybe develop a new hobby, I'm over here trying to entertain and occupy my almost 8 month old baby while still staying sane.

Staying home while entertaining a young baby is no joke, and definitely requires a lot of time and attention. I find that we're hopping from one activity to the next, with me just hoping that something on Benny's play mat peaks his fancy for more than a few minutes. Some toys are a big hit one day, and fall flat the next. Sometimes I can entertain him for almost an entire day with regular household items. It honestly just depends!

Here are a few toys, household items and books that we've been using to keep 8 month old Benny entertained while practicing Social Distancing.

Baby Toys

Remember when I said that I would only buy aesthetically pleasing, wooden baby toys? I have to laugh at my pre-baby self. Our condo is definitely a haven for all of the brightly coloured, loud baby toys.  Honestly though, if Benny likes them then I'm on board.

Here's some of Benny's favourite toys, and those that we have on regular rotation at our place. I like them because they're small-space friendly, and seem to really catch and hold his attention.

1. VTech Turn & Learn Driver
2. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube
3. Fisher Price Piano Gym
4. Soft Crinkle Books

Household Items

Sometimes, the best ways to entertain a baby is through everyday items found at home. We learned this lesson when we took Benny on his fist flight: if it's something that catches his attention (and isn't dangerous to play with,) then just go with it.

Now, we're a little more strategic with offering everyday items that we know Benny will enjoy and play happily with for a longer period of time. There are a few things that I reach for in a pinch, and Benny seems to love them!

  • Tupperware containers (non-breakable, plastic) and lids
  • Pots and wooden spoons
  • Wrapping paper
  • Clean cardboard boxes (ones that have not recently entered the condo)


We're still trying to foster Benny's eventual love for reading, so having books available to him to have read and to play with is so important. Right now we're sticking to board books that have beautiful, colourful images and even different interactive textures.

The Jellycat Board Books are ideal for babies that are in and around the 6months - 1 year age range. Not only as a fun book to read with them, but also as a means of independent play with the mix of textures in each book.

Being in social isolation and quarantine is tough in the best of situations - it becomes even more challenging when you add a baby to the mix. With a rotating selection of toys, household objects and books, we've managed to find a nice routine when it comes to entertaining a baby.

We can get through this. Day 12 of social isolation and counting.

xo Joëlle


  1. Such cute ideas! Glad you're staying safe and healthy through all of this :)

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