Monday 2 April 2018

3 Lessons From Create & Cultivate Los Angeles 2018

It's been just over a month since Sabrina and I flew from Toronto to Los Angeles to attend Create & Cultivate. This would be my first blogging conference that I've ever attended, so I didn't have any expectations - especially as a Canadian attending an American conference; all I really wanted out of the experience was to have fun and to leave inspired.

Well, needless to say that Create & Cultivate definitely exceeded my expectations. I could not get over the amount of work that was clearly poured into making this conference not only beautiful, but inspiring as well. I really enjoyed the panels of industry leaders, and the opportunity to meet some people I truly admire in person. It was a long day, but a fun one and I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to attend. I left my first conference feeling inspired and motivated like never before.

One of the biggest questions I got after attending the conference was 'Is it worth it?' That all depends. I think that a conference like this would have been so valuable when first starting to blog. A lot of the tips and tricks that the speakers and panels mentioned I already knew, but through experience, as well as trial and error (lots, and lots of error.) It would have been amazing to have known of these lessons in the beginning. That being said though, I'm still very happy that I was able to attend Create & Cultivate. I left feeling so inspired, and it was genuinely a good time.

There was a lot of information being shared that day, but here are three key points that really stuck with me from Create & Cultivate.

1. Focus On What You Own

Blogging has changed so much, even in the few years that I've been doing it. It seems like the focus has shifted from blogs to social media, and while it's important to keep up with the changing landscape of the industry, you still need to focus on the one thing you own: your blog. It was refreshing to hear industry giants who have massive followings on Instagram talk about the importance of having and maintaining a blog. Think of your blog as your home-base, and all of your social media channels as gateways to draw new audiences to the blog.

While it seems like all of the sponsors and attention are on Instagram these days, in the end we all don't own the platform and we're all just subject to the next app update (hello algorithm change.) Your blog is the platform that you own, and that you can control. Don't neglect it, and keep it your priority.

2. Batch Your Content

This was so interesting to hear, since I've been doing this for years but never knew the proper term for it: batch content. That means that rather than flying by the seat of your pants for photos, blog posts, videos, etc. you dedicate entire days to gathering content to set you up for the coming weeks. I remember unconsciously making the shift to batching my content last year, where I would dedicate an entire day to shooting photos for my Instagram and blog and have them go live through the coming week and it was huge game-changer for consistency.

It was refreshing to hear that most other bloggers do this as well. I'm going to take this principal to my new Youtube channel to try and batch my content with filming videos so that I always have consistent content going up.

3. Ask For What You Want

While it's easier said then done, the one constant that was heard from inspiring women in the industry was that if you want something, ask for it. This lessons applies on all aspects of the blogging industry, but can be especially useful whenever money is involved. If you think that you should be getting paid when being approached by a company, then ask for it. If you have a problem with a contract that you're about to sign, then say something. Ask questions. Speak up. We hold the power and in order to exercise it, you really need to be comfortable asking for what you want.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with the lessons from Create & Cultivate? Have you ever been to a blogging conference? What was your experience? Let me know!

xo Joƫlle


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  1. Hi Joelle,
    Thanks for posting your insights and these tips. You're right, this info would be so helpful when you start blogging, but it's still a good reminder to hear it from pros. I especially like the comment about the fact that our blog is the one thing we own!


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