Wednesday 1 March 2017

Finding My Bro Love With Zepeel

I totally missed the boat on dating apps. By the time our generation saw the rise of being able to find a date from the swipe right on your phone, I was already married and long out of the dating scene. I have to admit, I've always found this new-age approach to dating intriguing but I'm suspicious - how can you get to really know someone and form a connection if all you're seeing is a photo? When I was turned onto Zepeel, a dating app that focuses on video instead of your traditional photo, I was relieved. This is the way to truly get to form a first impression!  I really wanted to put the app to the test, so I recruited Toronto's most eligible bachelor - my brother Daniel.

Call me old fashioned,  but I've always been very picky and protective over my younger brothers. Of course I want them to find love, but it makes me nervous to know that they're on dating apps that don't allow you to even hear who you're talking to. That's what I like about Zepeel - it's an all-video dating app so you can form a more accurate impression of the people that you may be dating. Instead of a profile photo, you can browse through profile videos! To me, the idea of making a first impression from a video allows you to actually form a connection based on personality, not just looks. Imagine how you feel like you know someone by hearing their voice, seeing their mannerisms and getting a feel for their energy!  It's almost like skipping an awkward first date - and trust me, I've had enough of those in my life to remember what it's all about.

I encouraged Daniel to just be himself when creating his video profile.  I'll admit, it does take some time to get comfortable seeing and hearing yourself on video, but after a few attempts he was a pro. Once you have a video profile that you're comfortable with, you can start browsing profiles of singles in your area.

Funny enough, I had a lot of fun browsing video profiles with my bro. It's amazing how much better of an impression that you can form of someone when you're seeing a video versus simply photos! Some of these girls I wanted to recruit as my friends, although that was met by a strong 'no' from Daniel. Once you find someone who's video that you connect with, it's just a simple tap of a plus button to send either a photo, text or video message. Easy.

I know that I was impressed by Zepeel, but I wanted to hear a guy's perspective. Daniel also liked the fact that you could get a more accurate impression of someone from their video than simply just photos, just like me. It turns out that everyone is getting a little tired of the superficial - creating a true connection with someone is invaluable.

So I learned a lot: Dating apps don't need to be superficial and scary.  There are a lot of amazing people out there. There may be hope for Daniel finding love yet!

What do you guys think?  What's your experience with dating apps?  Do you like the idea of video?  Let me know!

xo Joëlle

Photos by Love Over Lenses Photography

This post was created in partnership with Zepeel. All opinions are experiences are my own.

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