Monday 29 September 2014

Whats in my Purse - Travel Edition

Hello again Noobs!  Another pre-scheduled post giving you a glimpse into some of my travel essentials.  The purse that I carry as a personal item, along with my carry-on luggage, is a Large Longchamp Le Pliage bag in a bright fuchsia.  This bag is a great travel essential because of it's large size, water resistant qualities and zippered top - bonus for safety.  Here's what's inside:


I bring my trilogy of technologies to fight boredom while traveling, while still being compact enough to travel with.  My phone, for obvious life-line reasons, an iPad mini that has been pre-loaded with TV show episodes and movies, as well as my Sony e-reader.  These three devices house enough entertainment to keep my wandering mind occupied through a long flight.  Add a set of headphones and you're all set.  Ps - don't forget your chargers!

Protein Bars

I always pack at least 2 protein bars to tide my insatiable appetite while traveling.  You may think that one of those bars is for my husband - negative.  All for me.

Lip Balm

A great, moisturizing lip balm is essential and I reapply frequently during air travel.  A little diligence can help you arriving to your destination looking like the lizard queen.

Fuzzy Socks

I travel with these ridiculous, neon fuzzy socks - always.  Nothing makes me more comfortable when being seated in the plane than to take off my boots and slip into these strange little socks - well, other than an in-flight cocktail of course.

Nothing too exciting, but I do love knowing what's going on insides of people's bags.  What are your travel essentials?

xo Joëlle



  1. Fuzzy socks are totally one of my travel essentials too! They just make a flight that little extra bit more bearable.

    Kris |

  2. Love that bag and the phone case is adorable ;)
    xxx Claire

  3. Along with most of these items, I bring deodorant! All the anxiety of getting from one place to another makes me sweat. Loved this short and sweet blog!


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