Tuesday 1 April 2014

30 Before 30 Update - Bicycle Purchased, Rome Booked

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While it may seem as though I have gotten stuck on my 'developing personal style' task from my 30 things to do before 30 list, things have been developing in the background.

Most notably, my husband and I just booked our flights to Rome, Italy in late summer for 18 days!  My mind has been racing, trying to plan out an itinerary that takes us South to the Amalfi Coast, back to Rome and then further North to Florence and Venice.  This will tie in very nicely to my task of becoming an expert packer, since I plan to use just one carry on luggage for the entire trip.  I couldn't be more excited, and am relishing in the pre-trip rituals of booking hotels, planning itineraries and obsessing over packing lists!

Also - I purchased a bicycle (task number 7 is to buy and ride a bike.)  She is a vintage style, step-over, three speed cruiser and I can't wait to share photos when she arrives this weekend!

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  1. ONE carry on for 18 days?!?! You are a better woman than I! Good for you! I can only dream of being that good a packer. Enjoy trip planning - I definitely suggest taking a day trip (at the very least) to Capri. Cheers!

    1. That is the plan for now, but I honestly think that it is do-able! Thank you for the advice - I will definitely be looking into Capri to add into the itinerary :)

  2. Hi Joelle! Nice blog! I actually put up a post about my 5 fave bloggers and you're one of them! :)
    Anyway, I find that it's easy for me to take my handbag and have all of my necessary documents in there like passports and travel insurance details etc when I'm traveling on the plane (don't forget to make photocopies and put them in your carry on luggage, just in case!). But then I also pack a small black bag/satchel that goes with all my outfits (casual day and night out) and during the day it will have my tour vouchers, hotel information, ID, etc and for a night out I just have my ID (not passport), phone and money in there.
    I still like taking my handbag because I can fit more clothes in it on the way home (in case I go overboard with shopping) haha

    Hope this helps. Have a great trip! xx

    What Makes Mary

    1. Mary, I am so flattered that you mentioned me as a favourite blogger - thank you! You totally made my day :)

      That's a great tip for travel, I will have to use it for my upcoming trips


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