Sunday 2 February 2014

La Petite Noob: A January Update

Bonjour à tous!  For those of you living in Toronto (or another frozen winter wonderland), I'm sure you're just as anxious for spring to arrive as I am.  I always feel like January is the hardest month to get though, weather wise as well as matters relating to budget.  My credit cards are just starting to cool off from the holiday season, as well as from the damage all the post-Christmas sales have done (but on the plus side, I did manage to pick up a Clare Vivier leopard print, calf hair clutch that I've been eyeing for awhile - score!) Couple that with a few expensive costs that just popped up, and I'm about ready for a budget overhaul.

Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Jen from Skirt the Rules, I've decided to take control of my lackadaisical shopping habits and devote no more than $350 every month towards clothing purchases.  I think this is just what I need to take that extra few minutes to really think about what I'm purchasing, to decide if it is really worth the money and if it will work within my pre existing wardrobe.  This also ties into one of my 30 before 30 goals to take better care how how I dress, and develop more of a remix able wardrobe, instead of having all separates.  I think it's a great idea all around, and am excited to report as to how February develops.

Hope you all had a amazing January and a great start to February.



  1. omg tell me about it! are you ready for the 10 cm of snow we're supposed to get tonight? brace yourself!!
    yes buy less, of more quality has been a motto I've been trying to live by for the past year and it's been great, it's something my mom taught me early on and I'm glad for it now!
    That clutch looks reeeally good!

    1. Isn't it awful? The only good that comes from a winter storm is a snow day for me!
      Your mom gave you great advice! I'm definitely going to work on buying less, higher quality items - no matter how tempting a quick Forever 21 fix may be!
      Thanks for commenting, it's great to talk with another blogger from Toronto

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  3. Ah, the photo is beautiful. I don't really like doing photos during winter, because the snow never looks really good on photos without a retouch. But this one is really beautiful. I would like to spend some time sitting on that bench, reading the review of Essaytigers or some book.


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